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By Skutch
#7005 Hi,

I noticed several Cadsoft Eagle libraries for ESP-modules and decided to start writing a library for all (well most) modules a few weeks back.
I've made parts for modules nr 01 - 12 and an DWA8-module so far, but will probably still be busy for a while.
I noticed 3 versions of module 2 for example, nr 5 is available in 2 versions as well, just as nr 7. I've also found two other modules (DWA8-mini and Radino), that I still need to enter/find info for.

For now I've just checked which modules are most popular on Ebay and created files for those.

I welcome links with info on footprints of other esp8266-modules/variations, just as comments on what I've done so far.

Feel free to use it any way you like, but use at own risk :