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By Adex
#7047 Hello,

Does anybody tried degrading Quad or even Dual SPI flash capability (lift IC pins up and pullup or down) and use these pins as GPIO7, GPIO9, GPIO10?
Can XPC_DCDC (pin 8 of ESP8266 IC) may be used as normal GPIO?
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By Adex
#7466 Nobody anwsered to my question, so I decided to try myself.

I took an ESP01 module (classic DIP 0.1") with only GPIO0 and GPIO2 available.

I desoldered and lifted pins from flash (25Q40BT):
- pin 3 (WP# aka SDIO2, GPIO9)
- pin 7 (HOLD# aka SDIO3, GPIO10)

Both lifted pins pulled up to VCC.

After recompiling 1wire_ds18b20 sample app it is working flawless.
This simple mod adds 2 more GPIO (GPIO9 and GPIO10) in ESP01 board.
I've attached photo for reference.
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By Adex
#7468 I have no problems, but I'm flashing in SPI DIO mode.
I'll try tomorrow to flash more apps and try to pull up and down GPIO at boot time.

Why I created this hack? Because many of us got only ESP01 module and haven't got enough GPIO to try several custom firmwares.