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By Andy1
#68106 I am running a 'clean' Wemos D1 mini of a single lipo cell to the 3,3V input and need as low sleep current as possible. Sleep time in the application is way more that the short 6 minutes the unit actually 'works' after a user triggered (switch) reset.

I trigger the sleep with a:
Code: Select all  //Die at 6minutes
  die = millis();
  if(die > 360000)
     DBG_OUTPUT_PORT.println("going to sleep");

I was under the impression the current to expect in deep sleep mode should be around 0,03mA, but I get 0,3mA.
Is there anything else I could do or was my expectations simply of by a factor of ten..?
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By Andy1
#68110 I was hoping that running them on the 3v pin directly would bypass them. My bad.
I seen some info on how to disable serial/voltage regulator on some Arduino Pro's by alterations on the board. Anyone seen info on/been doing the same thing on the D1 mini?