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#68215 I've got several modules that I tested to serve as an AP.

They are all short on output power (or better, the range I can talk to them is a bit too short).
On one module I've hooked up a ducky antenna, but this doesn't seem to extend the range compared with a PCB antenna.

Is there a way to extend the range for these modules?
In the AT-commands datasheet I've found AT+RFPOWER to set the output power to maximum.
Is there a way I can set this and keep the settings?

Or is there a command in the Arduino IDE that I can use to set the output power to max?
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By rudy
#68216 I thought they were at maximum power by default. What kind of range are you getting and what do you expect. Also orientation can have some effect. Also proximity to metal objects.
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By QuickFix
#68227 Have a look at this range test video on YouTube, Andreas Spiess made a couple of months ago. :idea:
It's a nice comparison between several boards and set-ups (and it's always fun to listen to his Swiss accent). ;)