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By oxurane
#70839 Concerning programming an ESP12, I'd like to know how programming / flashing an ESP12 takes place.
In specific, it's about the UART-protocol, concerning the Tx/Rx-lines.
How does the upload (programming / flashing) the sourcecode takes place ?

Option 1)
A) Single shot sourcode-transfer from PC to an ESP12
B) Single shot sourcecode-transfer back to PC from an ESP12
C) When 100% match, confirmation from PC to ESP12

Option 2)
A) Intermittend shots of sourcecode from PC to an ESP12
B) Intermittend feedback from ESP12 to PC
C) Confirmation from PC to ESP12
D) If succesful, continu at step A) until 100% is uploaded

Or can anyone direct me to a link at internet for details, concerning the read/write session when programming an ESP8266 ?
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By oxurane
#71182 I would love to continu develop a new tool, but it's on halt now. Maybe I should provide more info, to make things more clear.

At the very moment I'm designing a quite complex device, including an ESP8266 onboard.
Before being able to continu, I'm looking for additional details concerning uploading / flashing an ESP8266.

More info
Whenever I program an Atmel microcontroller, I flash a HEX or BIN-file, there's the option to perform this without feedback if this process was succesful. Later, I can still decide if I want to verify the sourcecode by downloading it back and verify it with a HEX / BIN-file stored at my computer.

An ESP8266 has to be flashed with a type of Operating System, and afterwards I can flash some sourcecode (bin-file). If I'm correct, this can be done by OTA (Over The Air), but also by wired UART (serial port) connection through Tx / Rx-datalines.

I'm specificly interested in the flashingprocess over wired UART. This type of flashing is a complete mystery to me. I was wondering if it is possible to flash data (bin-file), without immediate feedback about the transferprocess. And also, a bit later, verify if the sourcecode is identical to the one at my computer.
In essence, I'm asking the following : Is it possible to disconnect an ESP8266 Tx-line, while uploading, or flashing a bin-file to an ESP8266 over it's Rx-line ? A bin-file is transfered by the ESP8266 Rx-line, after all.

Info to share ?
Anyone able to share the desired info, or can get me into contact with a techie at Espressif ? So far, I've been waiting for almost 2 weeks. I've also sent an email to Espressif, but it keeps silent, as it is overhere. :shock:
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By oxurane
#71204 @schufti :
Many, many thanks for your reply !
It's a pity it's not possible, because I was looking for the option to "blind" flash an ESP8266 with a bin-file. I was hoping a verification could be processed later, if / when needed.