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By Ahmed Ahmed
#72331 Hi :) :)

I have a problem with ESP12E, as follows:

I have implemented a serial to wifi bridge that I can convert any USB to wifi communication, I'm facing problem now, as I provide two modes of connection to the ESP, the first is WiFi_STA and the second mode is WiFi_AP, it works fine, but if I forgot the password of my router, and the ESP can't forget my router connection, so, I need a reliable programmatic way of clearing or resetting only the wifi connection to its default without affecting EEPROM or flash in order not to delete Arduino bootloader.

Please help me .... :)

Thanks in advance ....
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By philbowles
#72384 Try:
Code: Select all   WiFi.disconnect();
   while(1);// deliberate crash (restart doesn't properly clear config!)
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By Ahmed Ahmed
#72635 Thanks for your reply,

I have put a button that will execute the commands, but it didn't erase the configuration, since the SSID and password still exist ..

I can't connect it to another network since the configuration isn't erased .. :( :(

Is there any solution ?