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By torntrousers
#74544 Whats a good low current p-channel mosfet to enable a esp8266 gpio to switch around 3.3v/40mA's?

LP0701 but no one seems to have stock near me, so something else?

Also, is it possible to get away with using INPUT_PULLUP to avoid having to also use a resistor with the mosfet?
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By btidey
#74545 Depends upon what package you are happy with.

If you are comfortable with smd then my mosfets of choice are

n-channel AO3400
p-channel AO3401

These have low gate threshold so turn on well with 3.3V, have low series resistance, can handle 2A, and are easily available on eBay. They are also very cheap.

Although smd, they are pretty easy to hand solder with a decent fine point iron.

Using INPUT_PULLUP will be fine.
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By rudy
#74551 I prefer the FDN306P when I need a lower on resistance compared to the AO3401. With a -2.5 volt gate voltage *relative to the source) the FDN306P is 50mOhms, the AO3401 is 85mOhms.

In many cases for the ESP8266 the difference doesn't matter. I am using that part to control the Raspberry Pi and the currents are higher so I try and get as little loss as I can in the switch.