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By stewecar
#76353 Hello,
I got a module as in the subject connected to a dust sensor (sds011) and a thermometric sensor plus a little OLED screen..
After a few minutes the module stops working..and it doesn't send any informations to the server connected..
I noticed that the screen is not as bright as it could..but voltages at pins are normal (3,3v).
What could be the issue?
Thanks for any help!
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By schufti
#76372 an electric fault?
a software fault?
a connection fault?

how should we know without even getting the tiniest piece of detail?

the modern plague: the less information they provide, the more answers they expect ...
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By stewecar
#76375 Unfortunately i don't know anything about electronics..i am only partecipating in a project about particulate matter..
The only informations i provided is what i know about..
Software is being installed twice and connections are good..i checked them.
Thanks for the 'nice' reply :lol:
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By QuickFix
#76377 Image