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By justnaughty
#76402 I have two kinds of NodeMCU boards: one with ESP8266 ESP-12E on top, and one with ESP8266 integrated. I am using Espruino on both, and integration ESP8266 doesn't seem to work.

Code: Select allconst wifi = require('Wifi');

const xxx = {
  name: 'xxx',
  options: {
    password: 'xxx',
    authMode: 'wpa_wpa2'

const connectToWifi = (shadowWifiLoginData) => {
  wifi.connect(, shadowWifiLoginData.options, (err) => {
    if (err) {
      console.log('[ Wifi ] Failed: ' + err);
    console.log('[ Wifi ] Connected to ' + + ' successfuly!');
    console.log('[ Wifi ] IP ' + wifi.getIP());


returns: no_ap_found
pushing the same code, and the same flash on NodeMCU with ESP-12E on top, works.

Anyone had the same problem? I am starting to wonder if maybe I got 3 pcs of NodeMCU with integrated ESP8266 with damaged wifi.