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By opale7000
#77506 Hello ESP fans.

I have purchased this WIFI relay module

To be noticed that this is not the model with jumpers and MC on relay board. This is simply an ESP8266 with a relay board.

Can someone confirm that I can use this module as is without me having to alter or use jumpers on this unit. I am expecting a separate esp8266 programmer shortly.

Can someone provide me with a sample arduino script that I can use please or can I use espeasy?

Thank you.
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By schufti
#77508 maybe yes - maybe no
since they show two different modules without further description or chance to correlate with the order selection ... but I think chances are good, both look like accepting 5V supply, onboard 3.3V regulator and directly operating from single gpio
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By PtrO
#77580 In order to use this great :mrgreen: module in free projects and allow the inserted (8 pin) ESP-E01 to boot from flash, one must modify (aka solder) the relay board. You must have to remova a (small SMD) 10K resistor that holds GPIO0 down and wire the CHPD (chippowerdown) pin to VCC (3.3v).

In addition, what I did, was rewire the onboard reset-switch to the GPIO2 pin so I can press a button. When I need to reset the unit, I simply repower-on.