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By Tosog
#11490 Hello,

i want to use an Arduino Pro Mini with a 2port-Relay Board (from ebay). Here is my setup:

I want to switch the Relay Board via Wifi, which is working like a charm when i'm testing my setup with simple LEDs, but when i'm controlling a 230V shutter motor, the ESPWifi-01 resets.

Can you please tell me, how i can avoid this?The Arduino runs with 5V. I have also tried to pullup GPIO 0 and 2 with a 10k resistor.

Thank you very much!
BR, Chris
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By andrew melvin
#11517 I've been battling this for the last week! exactly the same issue... I've done extensive debugging.... and still not really there...

here are things I've changed...

1) Rewired the relay board, I'm using an opt-isolated 5V board, so i supplied the 5V to the JD_VCC port, removing the jumper that was there.. disconnected VCC 3.3V from the input part... This seemed to help but did not fix it...

2) If i just disconnect the load then it works fine... (similar to you) no resets..

3) wondered about interference effecting the reset pin, so added a 4K7 pull up resister to RST, still resetting... (you're using esp-01 so this is not the case for you)

4) wondered about EMI from the 240V cables, as it is a small enclosure... so i re routed them... still resetting... maybe not far enough away... I'm beginning to think that this is the culprit... I get this on the terminal... That last line is very consistent... every time...

Code: Select allNodeMCU 0.9.5 build 20150213  powered by Lua 5.1.4
Running Melvide
> deleting setup file
Prowl Post successful
Thingspeak sent, temperature: 66.5
Thingspeak sent, temperature: 66.5625
Thingspeak sent, temperature: 66.5625
Thingspeak sent, temperature: 66.5

to do...

5) if i remove the ESP from its socket... and wire it in using breadboard cables... does it still do it...

at the moment i've just configured it to carry on where it left of, but still this is less than ideal.. not really sure why.. but i think we have the same problem...