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By Barnabybear
Xalil Laleh wrote:I'm using ESP-01 with relay connected to 230V bulb and I have the reset issue.
Also read this long forum and almost implemented any solution. But still the problem is here.
I even cut the reset pin, but nothing achieved!

I have to tell you there is no absolute solution for this problem here and all solutions worked in their specific environment and they are not in general.

I read somewhere ESP-XX is not for product environment and just for Hobby.
I already bought 50 pcs and I have a plan for a product. Now I feel, I lost my money for this weak so-called WiFi module!

BTW any help appreciated...

Hi, OK it appears you have given up and lost your money.
Or you could post a schematic and see if we can help.
With regard to:
I even cut the reset pin, but nothing achieved!

That issue was quite some time ago and only applied to the blue ESP8266-01s, it was addressed on the black PCBs.
SSRs are always a better option with the ESPs but if you realy have to switch with a relay there are some tricks that help:
Opto couple the output.
If you know the switching time (if you don't you can measure it) and then try to switch the relay as close to the Zero cross point as possable to reduce interferance, are two that come to mind.
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By nelsonec87
#51478 Hi, I'm new to IoT and the ESP.

I have some ESP-01 (black pcb) and I'm facing reset issues.
My goal is to use a relay to switch a light bulb. I tested with a led in the output: OK. Then I put a relay with no bulb yet: OK. When I put the bulb the reset appeared...

After a loooong time of debugging I removed the relay and noticed that the ESP resets even when it is totally decoupled from the bulb/AC. When I switch the bulb using a manual switch and the wires are near the ESP it resets (not every time, but it always resets if I switch it 10 times).

I use a voltage regulator for the ESP (AMS1117) connected to a 2A 5V power source (cellphone charger).

The bulb is a 12W led bulb, so there not much current... like 0.1A

I was thinking about cutting the reset pin, but I just read here that this problem was solved in the black PCB.

In a nutshell: If I switch a light bulb near the ESP, it resets...

Can anyone confirm this kind of problem?

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By arymar
#51594 Hi nelsonec87,
I am facing the exact same issue. I realized that when the relay is switched (on or off), the power stability of the ESP (3.3v) is affected and ESP starts a reset. I then added some capacitors around the AMS1117 to compensate this short pick of power. 100µF on the 5V and 1000µF on the 3.3V side. Result: as long as you have short pauses between requesting relay switches, then the ESP reacts well.
My 2cts.
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