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By Steve Rodgers
#12751 I did some more testing today with the ESP-12 and determined if you solder a 100nf 0603 capacitor from the castellated 'rest' pad to the ESP12 shield can, all the resets go away! This includes seeing no reset events when test leads or scope probes are attached.

I have a test command in my firmware which allows the relay to be cycled at a user selectable rate. I used this along with a CFL lamp load to test for resets.

Additionally, the 12V chinese power supply module now is now working when powered off of the same AC leads used for the load. Previous tests with the Chinese power module without the 100nf cap on the reset line produced resets within 10 cycles of the relay test command.

So far I've run hundreds of cycles with the capacitor mod, and have not seen any resets.

This seems to indicate there's no noise filtering on the 'rest' signal in in the module or inside of the chip.
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By Simonandrews
I have not experienced your problem . But this link explains how to use this relay board in a way that it is opto isolated. If the problem is an interference problem thru the supply this may help. Be sure to follow the instruction to remove the board link and provide a separate 5v supply for the relay coils. I use these relay boards and they work well with uno. Only a few pounds from amazon.
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By steves
#13236 I had a similar problem with the ESP-01 module: with no load attached to the relay it worked fine, but with any load (even 5W) the ESP would reset itself more often than not.

I solved the problem with a 10n capacitor soldered directly to the Vcc and GND pins - seems that the module has no bypass capacitor installed. I also added 10k and 100n on RST line, but I'm pretty sure that it was the 10n that solved it. It has worked 100% reliably ever since.

Anyway, I just put a full writeup of the project up on my blog, which you may find useful.