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By andrew melvin
#14298 So I've spent the last 2 days trying to figure out what is causing my esp to reset.

I have an esp-12, 2xSolid state relays (pin 4, pin5) and 1 x relay module from eBay, onto-isolated 5V, hi or low switching (set to hi on gpio 13. To say i've been going nuts is an understatement!

Basically, it works very stably uptime... 50+ mins and counting... with the relay going on / off every 5-10 seconds or if i connect a wire to the terminal (NC) of the relay i get uptime of 1min.. and it reboots! I've no idea... It does it even if the wire is live.. or not...

tried different modules...
Different 5v power supply
no problems with the solid state relays alone
I have a 10n cap across the +ve and -ve of the relay
I have a 10k pull up and a cap on the rst pin. touching it does not cause a reset which usually does when its floating.
I have several 100uf caps in the 5v, and 3.3v supplies...

my thoughts are that it might be conducting / transmitting / amplifying the EMF from the relay. Does this / can this happen?

I seem to be plagued with these relays causing esp reboots!
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By Anrdoid Nayak
#14421 I had the same issue .I was able to solve it partially by adding a 10nf cap between esp module vcc and ground .but I still face issue with the module if I keep my load on for more then 20 min it again fails .today I also am going to pull up gpio 0 and try as of now it is floating .will post if I see any improvement
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By andrew melvin
#14489 I've now tried 3 different relays..
2 relays of a different type...
all seem to do it.

It seems to be fairly stable when there is NO power connected to the switching terminals of the relay. As soon as the cables are LIVE, even with NO load.. just having live wire... causes instant resets of the ESP.. it basically boot loops every time the relay is switched.

I really have no idea... but this is the second project plagued by this and if I'm limited to solid state relays.. then 2A switching is kinda lame... again... only with the mechanical really module things... does this happen... its stable switching lights and rice cooker for 3000min+ using solid state relays...

Are these 10A relay modules just total sh*t?