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By bowlman42
Sweetpants wrote:
bowlman42 wrote:Now switching mains without a problem using a 2A solid state relay.

Did you also try a 'normal relay? Solid State Relay's do not create EMP so this won't be picked up by the RST line.

I haven't tried a coil relay but the ESP-01 was picking up all sorts of interference, if I put my finger near the thing it went crazy. After I connected the earth it became rock solid. I don't think the type of relay is the problem.
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By Sweetpants
kerpz wrote:@Sweetpants since you put a decoupling at rst near the chip you don't need to cut the line toward the header pin, and you can still use the rst function. that 100nF is a low pass filter that removes high freq noise before reaching the chip.

Not quite true, if I do not cut the wire to the header, I still have the same problem. Touching the RST wire the ESP resets during switching and touching the RST header pin also.