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By Sweetpants
Anrdoid Nayak wrote:Have you tried using varistors across the relay terminals.May be it will help

nope, the solution with one single cheap SMD capacitor works fine for me. Have 5 ESP-01 now running with this modification just perfectly. No spontaneous resets anymore since the mod.
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By mart256
#19786 Well, I just started this weekend with the ESP8266 module, ESP-01, and had problems to boot the module properly. And sometimes it reseted without reason.
Thanks to Sweetpants for sharing his solution, it worked for me, I cut the reset pcb line (without cap) and now it boots properly, and switches triac with lightbulb fine.

There's still a little problem though, I feed my module with a 3V power source, rated for 2A. It is plugged to an outlet, and when I plug a transformer on the adjacent outlet the module resets. I verified that this happens only when I plug a transformer, when I tried with an iron or a water boiler the module didn't reset. Maybe this has to do with inductive load. I think my power source doesn't filter very well. I tried using decoupling caps on the breadboard, 0.1 uf and 4.7 uf but it didn't get better.