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By m-cin
#11786 For the prototype using breadboard removing RST to Vcc might be OK but I wouldn't do it for the final PCB.

The key is proper GND routing: keeping routes as short as possible, separating GND for different functions, having good amount of copper for GND - all the tricks you learn on the way.

I connect RST go Vcc using resistor (few kOhm) and to GND using capacitor (100n - 470n). This constrains the drawn current and gives reset during power up of the circuit.

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By Tosog
#12273 Hi,

in the meanwhile i've soldered everything on a prototype port, keeping the lines as short as possible, used capacitors but i still had the same problems. Only one thing did get better: the serial communication has no transfer errors now. But it still resets when switching the AC Power.

But! My final solution works now, I am working with this solution for a view days now and never had any problems.
You can find the solution here: