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By joeytx
#29596 I am using an ESP8266-01 and a PIC16F688 to monitor a connection over 1336. The PIC16 decodes the serial and either turns on a latching relay (5VDC) or resets it to off. The latching relay then turns on a 120VAC relay. I was having problems with the -01 resetting upon the turning on on the 120VAC relay. I tried everything mentioned here, except for removing the reset. I need ed the reset because the PIC16 resets the -01 if it senses loss of data. No combination of capacitors or ferrite beads helped, until I tried a 5.5VDC 1 Farad capacitor. The 1 Farad caps are normally used for power on memory circuits. The 1F cap gets 5VDC (from a very noisy Chinese power supply 120VAC/5VDC) through a 1ohm 1/2watt resistor, then a 3.3VDC regulator drops it down for the01. With the 1Farad cap on there I have run 100s of cycle and not one reset do to a spike. And the noisy power supply is sufficiently cleaned up. One side note, the latching relay holds the power on the 120VAC even if the circuit resets. Usually took about 12 seconds for the circuit to reset and again accept commands.
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By Barnabybear
#29604 @ Ephraim
Ephraim wrote:Did you use the 5V DC SSR Solid-State Relay 2A module High Level for arduino?
Could you please elaborate on that?

Hi, these work fine.
I have used 2 them with ESP8266-01.
SSR pin 3 to VCC.
SSR pin 4 to GPIO 0 or 2 (No resistor needed).
Set GPIO high as soon as possable in code (off) and set low to power the SSR (on).
SSR will hold GPIO 0 & 2 high for normal boot if reset or powered down.
You can just see the SSR under the ESP & buck converter, whole thing measures 40mm, 35mm, 30mm including terminals.
No RF problems - but note that Vcc, Reset & CH_PD are all soldered together on the ESP headder.
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By Ephraim
#29711 Thanks Barnabybear.
I am glad that your configuration is working because I ordered in ebay an SSR modules that
have the very same Omron solid state relay that you used.
I will update as soon as I get it and test it :D
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By themakerman
Steve Rodgers wrote:I did some more testing today with the ESP-12 and determined if you solder a 100nf 0603 capacitor from the castellated 'rest' pad to the ESP12 shield can, all the resets go away! This includes seeing no reset events when test leads or scope probes are attached.

I have a test command in my firmware which allows the relay to be cycled at a user selectable rate. I used this along with a CFL lamp load to test for resets.

Additionally, the 12V chinese power supply module now is now working when powered off of the same AC leads used for the load. Previous tests with the Chinese power module without the 100nf cap on the reset line produced resets within 10 cycles of the relay test command.

So far I've run hundreds of cycles with the capacitor mod, and have not seen any resets.

This seems to indicate there's no noise filtering on the 'rest' signal in in the module or inside of the chip.

Do you mean to say i have to solder a 603cap between vcc and RST pin ? or RST and gnd pin ? Do i have to solder it directly across ESP board pins or will it work if i solder it and route via perfboard ?