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By Bonzo
#81940 I was setting up some NTP code and I was blocked as I forgot and left it running! You could also have links to two or three NTP servers and alternate, pick one at random or go to the next one if the first choice fails.

You could use a RTC module and check every 24hrs to make sure all is still in sync.
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By wjburl
#81968 It's gone more than 24 hours without drifting. Now that I'm making very infrequent NTP requests and avoiding a lot of drift by using the millis() function instead of the delay() function, I don't think I'll have a problem being blocked. The purpose of using the ESP8266 was to avoid using an RTC module that requires a manual entry of the time. I presume the internal clock on the ESP8266 is just as precise as the internal clock on RTC module. Adding an RTC to my project would involve a lot more work and I can't see that it would add anything to the accuracy of the time being displayed.