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By GaelZorro
#82791 Hello to all,

I'm building an input device for several dozens of 24VDC intputs, using several MCP23017 connected to an ESP8266 through I2C.
What I'm bumming about is, what is the best firmware (best combination of reliable and simple to set up) to use for this?
So far I have my eye set on:
- ESPHome
- ESPEasy
- Tasmota

Maybe someone else has gone through the same questioning I have, and is willing to share some insight to help a poor sod like me save some time testing all these firmwares? :oops:

Thanks in advance ! :D
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By GaelZorro
#82821 Well never mind that, now that I have tested all 3 solutions I'm pretty sure my implementation isn't possible with these (64 gpio inputs) as they only do polling and this takes a lot of time. :evil:

I'm currently coding a "simple" firmware (there's a learning curve) to allow this : sensing clicks, double clicks and long clicks, then sending all this over MQTT.