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By Brais Solla
#83670 I manage to complety disable the hardware watchdog on ESP8266 in order to run the benchmark CoreMark. I think that this will be useful in some cases.

First, disable the software wdt using ESP.wdtDisable()

Code: Select allvoid hw_wdt_disable(){
  *((volatile uint32_t*) 0x60000900) &= ~(1); // Hardware WDT OFF

void hw_wdt_enable(){
  *((volatile uint32_t*) 0x60000900) |= 1; // Hardware WDT ON

And this is it, you will no longer experience resets if you don't feed the watchdog
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By eriksl
#83858 Very risky business! This should never be used without proper knowledge of the consequences (i.e. all those folks that try to run the programs for PC's or other embedded platforms from the internet, that are not event based and can never work on the ESP8266).

Having said that, very useful information, thanks for sharing it!