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By Moritz71
#87286 Sample of Adafruit max31865 - arduino IDE works fine, but the MAX31865 only delivers the correct values, if I disconnect power (+) for a short time from MAX 31865 module after wemos is running.

After a reset of Wemos D1 the same problem. (values like 723) :?
after a short interrupt of + from max31865 the values are ok again, like 21 deg C.

Does someone know a fix of that issue ?

IDE: 1.8.10
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
#include <Adafruit_MAX31865.h>
// Use software SPI: CS, DI, DO, CLK
Adafruit_MAX31865 thermo = Adafruit_MAX31865(D8, D7, D6, D5); // D8 pull down 10k