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By viktak
#88019 Hi guys,

In a project I need to use a GPS receiver on the hardware serial Rx pin, but it doesn't seem to work. On SoftwareSerial it works without a problem, also, with a direct connection to my PC's serial port I can confirm that the data is coming in.

Is there a particular setup I need to do on the Serial setup to get it to work?

Is it OK to use the hardware Rx for receiving GPD data while using the Tx to send debug info to the PC?

All the examples I found on the Internet on GPS use SoftwareSerial.
thanks for any pointers in advance!
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By QuickFix
#88099 I did it a couple of times and had no problems whatsoever, just connect the TX of the GPS module to the RX of the ESP8266 (only make sure the module uses 3.3V levels or use a voltage divider), open serial in your sketch (rate is most probably 9600 Baud) and process the passing bytes; it can even be done with an ESP-01.
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