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By docmattman
#89511 After some testing, it looks like it may be a power issue. The usb wall charger I was using was only rated for 1amp. I got my hands on a 2amp charger, and it seems to make a world of difference. Still seems to get very occasional false triggers, but nothing like before. I guess the original power source just didn't have enough juice to reliably handle the LEDs and the motion sensor.
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By EmmaDelgado
#89542 I've been struggling for WEEKS with a miniature DIY motion detector device built with RCWL-0516 + ESP8266 + mini 5V P/S.
It sometimes works flawlessly for hours then starts giving false triggers repetitively ... I even tried to get the radar sensor out of the casing in case it would work better when distant from the ESP, but to no avail :-(
I think this sensor is definitely prone to interferences and not reliable enough to be used in a motion detector device in the long run.
The only thing I haven't tried yet is to use a strong capacitor across the VCC input of the radar sensor, but I doubt it will help ...

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