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By danishjoseph
#90278 Hi,

I have read all the topics specific to this issue but still not resolved with the setup which I'm using.

I'm having an Relay + esp12F programmed to control the lights with wifi and normal switch. The setup works perfectly if it's placed outside the switch board conceal box. If it's installed inside the switch board, it get reset often and sometimes it gets stuck. All the unused gpio pins are pulled UP internally and capacitor has been placed across the VCC & GND. The dc source is of 3.3V with 500mA. Relay is powered seperately by 5V supply.

Please help.
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By QuickFix
#90289 How are you controlling your relay, do you use an intermediate transistor?
Have you installed a flyback diode?
Are you using a relay shield or a separate relay?
Is the relay shielded properly (and not too close to the ESP)?
Have you already done a Google search (I get a ton of good results)?

Please remember that adding the actual schematic can say more than a 1000 words, so please include one (and perhaps even pictures of your setup in this instance).

BTW: this is not an "Advanced Users"-question. :idea:
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By danishjoseph
#90292 Thanks for the reply.

I have searched all the forms and didn't got any proper findings. I have googled it very well and all of them have placed their module outside the switchbox.

I wish I could fit all these inside the switch board conceal box. The main problem I have to tackle now is the interference by keeping the module as small as possible.

I started with ESP01 find out it won't serve my purpose. It was sticking in between the code and not having watchdog resets.

Nest I tried with esp12E which has some shielding but that was resetting all the time.

Then I switched to ESP 12F which is kindoff. Not reseting even it's inside the switchboard box. Tried in multiple locations stable though. But when we try to switch it using the normal switch, it's getting instable bot not resetting. But when I give mqtt command it's working as expected.

I have used diode and capacitors to filter out for esp01 but later I used internal pull-up so it would save some space. If it's stupid please correct me.

Also I would like to know how the interference is causing only while usin the normal switch not from mqtt.
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By Alwyn Jones
#90444 I'm having issue with my radio project while connecting Tantalum Capacitor. I'm not sure if I am using right capacitor or not. While exploring I came across this link which helped me to understand the concept of tantalum capacitor a bit.

Can anyone please help me! This is urgent.