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By RichardS
#14138 WOW that's one complicated SPI, how about a snippet of source code that sets up the SPI to a desired clock rate and send 0xaa 0x55 to the SPI as a write and then the code that would read a similar reverse transaction.

Your code is talking about reading and writing SPI flash, but most people want to know how to use the SPI or HSPI for themselves and connect it to other hardware that is not FLASH.

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By komikaze
#17047 Thanks for sharing your expertise on the ESP8266. I have been working with this chip for a limited short period and want to use HSPI to store my templates and HTML pages rather than an SD Card. My main question is What is the address to write to HSPI during upload of code from UART to HSPI flash? I would naturally assume like SPI Flash there is a specific address to use with esptool to upload this binary data to my HSPI flash chip in the Code from UART mode.

Thanks in advance!