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Best 3g module for IoT

PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2023 8:54 am
by lucasromeiro
Hi, I'm developing a mobile IoT solution.
It's a temperature sensor for trucks.
I am currently using the SIM800L.
I chose it because it has a very attractive price.
But I have 2 problems with this module.
first problem: it uses 2g network and this network will be discontinued in 4 years.
second problem: it has poor connectivity, slow and drops a lot.

I need to know what would be a good 3G module with good cost x benefit. A reliable module with good connection. It is desirable that it has low consumption, if possible.

There are countless modules on the market and I have no experience with others, I'm afraid to choose another problematic one.

Thank you all for your help.