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By safaka
#36017 Hi, I bought esp8266 ver1. I was thinking to adjustment wifi parameter with serial port (with AT command) and then I want to use serial +wireless communication to with any mcu.
I adjusted AT command SSid etc. I saw wifi list. Now I want to send my computer serial terminal (example "dene" characters ) with wifi. after, I want to take other side use with esp8266 take this data and send to Tx pin to my mcu.
This module can do that. But How can I do that. I don't know. I don't use aurdino. I am using pic mcu. But I think my problem is wifi to com port convert. Because I send to "dene" on serial port to esp8266 , this module send to back same data from with tx port.
Thanks for your answers.
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By safaka
#36653 Thanks for your reply.
I connected Tx and Rx serial pin.
I adjusted esp8266 server with AT Commands and I sent any information from client software to esp8266. No problem. I couldn't send any information from esp8266 to client software. I found command. AT+CIPSEND=0,3 CR+LF and after "DEN"
This command use before send any characters. If use this command esp8266 prepare line and after you can send any characters. 0= connect client number, 3= qty of send characters . "DEN"= sent characters.
you can send CR+LF after the send characters, but CR and LF no included qty of characters. also you don't need CR+LF. Only you can send characters after prepare line. IF you want to see my program you can download this link. My program written with Visual basic 6. But I use turkish language. You can understand with small translate. ... sp=sharing