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By smi73
#1325 Hello

I have seen instructions on how to update the esp-01 module.
But have anybody managed to update the esp-05 module.
This module only seems to have rx,tx,vcc and gnd accesible.
Any hints on how to update these modules would be appriciated.

Best regards
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By cnlohr
#1327 I believe it is impossible unless it is running the newest firmware that allows for AT command, or cloud-based updates. Can you look at which version of the AT software it's running?
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By igrr
#1334 I have one of these, it came with an older version that didn't support could updates.
Had to cut the short trace between VCC and GPIO0 (2nd pin on the edge nearest to RDX module pin) and solder a thin wire, plus some hot glue to hold it in place.