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By delchrys2
#39008 Hello all,
I also have a non responding esp-05 and i want tot reflash it.
I have cut gpio pin and managed to change tHe boot mode from 3,6 to 1,6 or 1,7 I even saw 1,0 for a while. But which boot mode I need to successful do a reflash?
Also which firmware and flash tool I use best?

Can someone please help me with updating this chip?
Kind regards Bert.
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By delchrys2
Gutty wrote:I updated it with sussess!

Cutting with a sharpen cutter edge the pcb line with a 10x lens to see what I do.

Then started update program. Then with a resistence and needle the GPIO00 to ground, then reset a moment to ground. The update process started and I could release the needle on GPIO 00, the uptade finished with success. So it is not necesary to solder the pin or to hold the needle all the time.

Which firmware did you upload and with which program if I may ask?
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By gillesd
#73910 Did the same trick with the needle after cutting the PCB trace with a razor blade.
Just need to hold the needle down during boot time, no need to hold it throughout the upload process.

SDK used: ESP8266_NONOS_SDK-2.2.0
command line with ubuntu: sudo esptool -cp /dev/ttyUSB0 -ca 0x00000 -cf boot_v1.7.bin -ca 0x01000 -cf at/512+512/ -ca 0xfc000 -cf esp_init_data_default_v08.bin -ca 0x7e000 -cf blank.bin -ca 0xfe000 -cf blank.bin