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By zikolach
#3096 I have module similar to esp-05 (+ extra RST pin).

I was curious and made stupid mistake - entered AT+CIUPDATE command. Do NOT do it!!!

It seems like it uploaded new firmware and now constantly send some date to serial interface.

Does anyone have an idea how to reset or update firmware without cutting 2nd leg? Unfortunately I have no micro-soldering skills :(
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By Didier9
#3150 It seems that it might be easier to use an external flash programmer like this:
(ebay item 290587546215, in case the link is mangled)
to reprogram the flash chip directly. It would be necessary to free (unsolder) a couple of pins on the flash chip, but since it's an SO-8, that's probably easier than cutting traces.
The question is whether the software load can be simply flashed to the chip, or if some other magic has to take place before it's bootable.
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By tprochazka
#5835 Does anybody already figure how to update firmware on the esp-05 module?

I have 0018000902-AI03, so Cloud update should work here, but it doesn't work for me on esp-01 module, so I don't want to risk it here.