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By alonewolfx2
martinayotte wrote:That a good question, because I've bring the GPIO16 to GND, and I don't see my ESP-03 doing any reset ...

did you tried gnd to nc?
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By martinayotte
alonewolfx2 wrote:did you tried gnd to nc?

I've just tried NC, using a 1K pulldown, nothing there too.
I've tried all other pins too, except one, GPIO14, because I broke the pad while doing my breakout, they are so tin.
So, I didn't found any Reset.
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By martinayotte
#3019 I'm a bit stupid : while searching the reset pins and expecting reboot seen in my picocom, my USB-TTL was not connected to my ESP-03, but to my ESP-01 ... :(
The GPIO16 is in fact the Reset ! :lol: