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By phil31
#2189 Hi all, new to this forum :o)

I receive my ESP8266 test board this morning and plan to evaluate the chip.
but I can't find any schematic for the board. I bought it on eBay :

can anybody point me to the right schematic please.
I would like to know all the switch and push button functions.

thanks, best regards
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By Squonk
#2206 Hi Phil (from Toulouse or 31 year-old?) and welcome!

Here is a link to some resources for this board: ... 2302102993

I found it at ... t=3#detail

Attached is the schematic in PDF.
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By 0ff
#2427 Hey there,

I'm also running this board, but I wasn't able to use the built-in chip for updating (also got no docs at all).
Anyone has a clue? You can put the STC15L204EA into some special mode by transferring data at powerup, but I didn't find any host tool to talk to the chip.

Also my dealer didn't know, I asked them about what they knew and they didn't even come up with the schematics.