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By Craig54321
#79319 The voltage regulator HT7333 pins match the configuration of the solder pads on the back of this board. The LM1117 regulator does not match. I don't know about other regulators. As pointed out by flagtrax, the site is very helpful, but he was using the ill-fitting LM1117. He got around it by hacking the board and rewired the connections.
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By rudy
#79320 The HT7333 is a 250mA regulator and it does not have enough current to reliably power the ESP8266. Holtek has a 500mA regulator in the case and the same pinout, HT78333. This is what I have been using on those crappy white boards. (made another one today)

If they had added a few more parts onto that board (on the regulator side) it would have made the board much more useful. They could have left those parts off and who ever wanted them could have added them. It wouldn't have cost any more to produce.