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By Barnabybear
martinayotte wrote: it needs a pullup stronger than this one

+1 on your advise.
I agree, guessing there's 1K's on the back between 3.3V and the CH_PD & GPIO 2 side of the 10K's.
Then something to GPIO 0 (should be 10K). If not I can't see how it's going to work. As always, the devil is in the detail.
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By kenn
#33740 I have a few of these. Look VERY closely at the traces.

The resistor on the left is 10k pullup on CH_PD. The resistor on the right is 10k pulldown on GPIO15, not GPIO2. This board has no resistor connected to GPIO2. the center "resistor" is 0 ohms - yes it's a jumper for when there isn't a 3.3v regulator added to the underside.

I add pullups to RESET and GPIO2 on the breadboard or board I plug into.

They're a nice little board - kind of wide for one breadboard - but a great adaptor for prototyping on 0.1" perfboard.