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By torntrousers
#35866 I'm a bit of a sucker for buying all the different types of ESP modules and boards...came across this one today that i'd not seen mentioned anywhere before:


Only US$3.80, so looks worth a try? Can anyone translate the Chinese? I'm hoping the form factor is the same as those cheapo white ESP12 base boards so i can use it with them too.
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#35904 光敏電阻, Guāngmǐn diànzǔ = Light dependent resistor.
And that is the extent of my translation.
I don't know the wording for the others.

Anyway, that does look tasty
Wish I could get my esp 01 programmed
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By lethe
#36527 I ordered one of these boards a couple of weeks ago and it finally arrived today.

The baseboard has a CH340G UART adapter with a micro USB port, 2 buttons (reset/flash) and a nodemcu-style reset circuit for automatic programming. Pin spacing is the same as the white ESP-12 breakout boards, but there's no LDO on the baseboard. So you should only use it if you have a LDO on the breakout board!

The ESP board also has a micro USB port (power only) and an AMS1117-3.3 LDO. There are a few periphials onboard:
- a button connected to GPIO4
- a RGB LED (common cathode) connected to GPIO12/13/15
- a LDR connected to the ADC. The LDR has a resistance of about 1k5 Ohm in darkness and is connect on the ground side of the voltage divider. The corresponding pull-up is 470 Ohm.

The ESP comes pre-flashed with a demo, that fades different color on the RGB LED.

Here are some crappy pics of the boards:
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