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By AcmeUK
#3990 Hi Guys

Just flashed my ESP-01 to latest firmware binarys.

AT+GMR gives me 0020000903

When I try to change the baud rate with AT+CIOBAUD=9600 I get ERROR.

AT+CIOBAUD? also gives ERROR.

What am I doing wrong?

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By AcmeUK
#4045 COR, that info is well hidden!!

It would be nice if Espressif updated the AT Instruction Set document.

I can confirm that AT+IPR=9600 changed my baud rate.

Both AT+IPR? and AT+IPR=? gave an ERROR message.

My thanks to garyservin for pointing me in the right direction. :D

For anyone looking for the ESP8266 AT Instruction Set I found it in the document folder of this download :-
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By pabm122
#64946 Hi

For changing the baudrate permanently you can use this command:

AT+ UART_DEF=<baudrate>,<databits>,<stopbits>,<parity>,<flow control>

For example 9600 baudrate / 8 data bits / 1 stop bits and none parity and flow control

the command AT+CIOBAUD=9600 it would change the baudrate temporarily

Kind regards