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By xtal
#49771 my experience with these modules ....
1> You only get about 2/3 of signal level[compared to generic -12E] , removing switch under antenna will give a little more.
2> The usb/rs232 seems to function well, I used 1 to support a 1-wire sniffer.
3> All 10 units I have seem to function properly, except for poor signal level.
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By spy king
#51480 I just tried flashing my WiFi Witty using the simple Arudino blink scrip using the NodeMCU v1 board profile.

However, I see that there is always an open unsecured "ESP_81xx" WiFi connection when the board is on.

Is that part of the original Gizwits firmware? Shouldn't the new arduino firmware remove all previous firmware?
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By kroome88
#58738 playing around with this witty board, yes, also experienced what you encountered on rgb led... take note that it is an ordinary rgb, not a WSxxxx series :) ... can be played around since it is connected individually...
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By MosheB