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By Eyal
#39605 @lord_alan, yes, not hard to do this. But if I want to connect a device (i2c, ow etc.) I will need to solder a wire to the esp vcc(3.3v) pin (the board vcc pin is 5v). For my needs (a ds18b20 and an analogue input) I removed the LDR (and associated resistor). I then soldered a pin in the 3.3v hole the LDR exposed. I now also have TOUT free to use.

However my comment was intended to inform potential users that this board is not like the nodeMCU board when it comes to soldering free breadboard development.

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By xtal
#39615 Got 10 of thes @ 2.80 us
The most reliable way to load FW is
1>press&hold flash button 2> RESET 3> keep holding Flash until flash is complete
I loaded nodeMCU SDK 1.5.0 AOK and ARDUINO 1.6.5/sdk1.5.0 AOK
I have the same problem with both loads.....
I CAN open and use serial port with ESPlorer v0.2..
I have BT bridge SW written in liberty basic , the unit stops functioning and looks like it is in flash mode, but is not ,, can't reset , must re-power..
the basic comm open statement is [ open "com8:38400,n,8,1,ds0,cs0,rs" for random as #ESP ]
tried using only processor portion [4 units] on bread board ...2 units worked normally
2 units would NOT work ,acted like you could not reset , I though I had blown them,, But they work with the daughter card..
got me stumped..........
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By Clemzo
lord_alan wrote:I have flashed one of these with a new build of nodeMCU and am trying to read the LDR using LUA but
Code: Select allprint(
always returns 65535 :-(

Anyone got any bright ideas?

I flash that with Arduino IDE :
Code: Select allint sensorValue = analogRead(A0);
Serial.printf("Entree analogique : %d\n", sensorValue);

That's working correctly without setting.
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By xtal
#39894 If I discard the usb conveter [ bottom card] and use different usb converter the unit works like normal...RSSI is lower. removed switch under ant, raised 1-2 counts....