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By Wesselah
#48413 Just got mine from aliexpress but found a strange problem.
I could not get the rgb led to work and did dig in a little deeper.
I found out ( i am not a real electronic expert) that there are several different types of 5050 rgb led with different type marking where some use the triangle as anode and some as cathode so because the rgb led did not function i tried so supply power the other way around on the led and you can allready guess now it works.
So it looks like the maker mixed up the types and did put the rgb led the wrong way.
So beware that this can be the case
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By martinayotte
#49767 Nope, it can not be change in the code.
But I think the issue is coming from the fact that there are two kind of RGB LED, one with common anode and one with common cathode, so it could be that they use the wrong one on some batches.
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