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By PaulRB
martinayotte wrote:On my Wemos-D1-Mini, the wakeup from DeepSleep works well with only the wire between RST and D0.

Hi Martin & Redge,

Do you find that with D0 ---> RST connected, you are unable to upload a sketch from Arduino IDE?

I have to remove this connection each time I need to upload a sketch, then re-make the connection so that the D1-mini can wake from deep sleep.

I find the current consumption of the d1-mini to be about 75mA during delay() and about 120uA during ESP.deepSleep().


EDIT: I can't seem to repeat the 120uA measurement now, its more like 300uA
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By PaulRB
#40724 Hi, thanks for responding.

Can you upload when the esp in deep sleep, or do you have to wake it with reset and then upload?

Seems to me that once the chip is in deep sleep, it won't respond to the reset signal from the pc and i have to manually reset and perform the upload before the old sketch puts it back into deep sleep.
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By martinayotte
#40727 No ! The whole CPU is shutdown, the only thing that runs is the RTC (Real Time Counter), when it reach zero, it will put the GPIO16 to LOW, therefore the RES, then the CPU is waking up. At that time you will be able to do an OTA or a serial upload.