Here we can all chat about fixing the AT+ command structure and the associated responses.

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By Bert
#1459 Make sure you check out some existing implementations / specifications. In particular, the u-blox AT command set seems well-documented, including support for multiple links, multiple sockets, direct links and so on (though I see some problems with their direct link specification when the connection is closed by the remote host).
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By Squonk
#1464 AFAIK, there is no standard defining the AT commands for TCP/IP connections, but U-Blox implementation is very consistent. Please note the explicit DNS resolution step.

IMHO, it is much better than the awkward Espressif AT command set, with its absolutely non-standard "busy" mechanism, lack of notice when you get connected to an AP, etc.
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By igrr
#1505 Update: added CWMODE and CWLAP commands, and a GMEM command that prints output of system_get_free_heap_size and system_print_meminfo functions:
data : 0x3ffe8000 ~ 0x3ffe8a84, len: 2692
rodata: 0x3ffe8a90 ~ 0x3ffe9a4c, len: 4028
bss : 0x3ffe9a50 ~ 0x3fff3d90, len: 433