Here we can all chat about fixing the AT+ command structure and the associated responses.

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By igrr
#4474 Well, if i ever do transparent mode, it will support both client and server, because there actually is no real difference. But i haven't seen much use in transparent mode for my own projects, so i'm a bit hesitant to implement it.
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By saper_2
garyservin wrote:I've also asked the same question as an issue in the espressif repo on github but couldn't decipher the answer properly

hahaha, I have that often when write to Chinese - they use Google translate frequently (so far I have talked to 3 or 4 Chinese people who used understandable English).

As far I could understand "atdeveloper" he write: when you use server in transparent mode, you can handle only one client connection, so he give you a hint, that you have to limit link number by function espconn_tcp_set_max_con_allow . And you have to remember to restore this value after leaving transparent mode.
Also, if you will create transparent mode you can upload your modified code :)

So do I.
I don't see a reason for transparent mode for server, this will limit client link count to 1 ...
As for client mode this might not bad idea thought. Entering/leaving client mode could be controlled by one of GPIO pin :)
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By p_k
#5547 With regret I find that more than a month no correction of bug related to the occupation of contexts. Obviously I would have to go back to the Chinese AT command version despite its shortcomings in it. Of course iggr is not obligated in any way to support this project free of charge.
Merry Christmas and happy new year 2015!!!