Here we can all chat about fixing the AT+ command structure and the associated responses.

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By RichardS
#972 Post issues and changes you would like to see done here.

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By myself
#1452 Total noob here, but I have a project where I'd like to use part of the module's MAC address as a node ID, and there doesn't seem to be an AT command where I could learn that and fold it into my higher-layer packet. (Yes, the other end should be able to learn that off the wire as my packets come in, but I'd also like to display them as a friendly-name on the local LCD, etc.) I'd love an AT command like AT+MAC? or something to query this value from the module.

For comparison, the XBee seems to use ATSH and ATSL commands to read the high and low portions of its serial number. GSM modems use AT#CIMI to read the IMSI, and I'm pretty sure that's standardized in a spec somewhere...
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By frob
#7892 I would *love* to have an AT+ command to start PPP on the same UART, essentially unloading the AT command interface at the same time.
PPP is standard in lwIP, so i would imagine this shouldn't be *too* difficult. That would be awesome as i have an urgent need for something like this :-)
If anyone decides to try to implement this i'll be very happy to help test it with my setup (MCU = CortexM4 + lwIP + FreeRTOS)

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By Yan78
#8360 Hi!

I'm new here and working with arduino and esp8266 to implement a simple web server.

I have an issue with AT+CIPSEND.

When I'm trying to send to the client http header I need to use \r\n (0x0D 0x0A) . But esp8266 only send to the client \n (0x0A). Is this an issue with the command or is just me doing something wrong?