Here we can all chat about fixing the AT+ command structure and the associated responses.

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By johns
#2538 I've been hacking around with the source code a bit but I have a problem:

Every time I try to do something that takes a bit of time the module resets with message "wdt reset".

I know this is by design (and it's a good thing!) but how do I "pat the dog" to keep it alive? Does anybody know?
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By chandan2002x
#5126 ets_wdt_disable is good, but why do we need it as the "OS" is handling it ? [The term "OS" was used with proper realization]

As per my experience, if the code is resetting, "there must be something wrong in the code". A small example may complement the previous statement:
I made a custom user file with proper header and definition. The functions were being called from existing functions and otherwise. Everything was running fine, suddenly [when custom library size was increasing] it started restarting when any functions of the "custom" library was called !!!

The restarting was indicating wdt_reset, I tried almost everything including ets_wdt_disable() and wdt_feed() use.

I found the problem after a day long. It was in a variable declaration. A variable was declared as "BOOL INITSERVER". The variable was called in various other files as "extern BOOL INITSERVER". In one file, I missed and declared as "extern INITSERVER". It never thrown the error/warning in compilation. Just restarting when "INITSERVER" was called. Its funny, but the fact.

However, there may be hundreds reason, I have shared mine !