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By RichardS
#50270 CNLOHR says so, must be true :-)

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By forlotto
#50272 hrmmm hard to believe is he boosting the power somehow this is insane. I know height helps but...
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By Barnabybear
#50284 Hi, given line on sight I can see the sun and thats 100 million miles away but if I go inside I can't. Whilst it's usefull to know that the range can be upto 1130 meters unless your making a weather balloon it's not realy a valid assesment of range.
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By forlotto
#50332 this is very true but the comparison in the video comparing a long withstanding branded wifi chip in nearly the same manner I found rather interesting as well all of it is useful data there may be someone who wishes to run a sprinkler system off of this in a large field it is good to know what is possible... Line of sight even with a satellite dish is typically good for about 10 miles tops I believe... To me it almost would seem as if amplified.

I get the point of this test was for data but truly knowing their chip using their chip and not getting the same results I have one about through 4 walls and 3 rooms 14 feet long inside a box mounted low on the wall connecting with a weak signal but hey it is a signal and it works for what I need it for.

But yes they do not tend to be the strongest especially when you use a large number of them like I do but nothing another router does not solve.

WIFI speed and signal is always sold up no matter what we do it seems there is not a wifi router out there that is consumer and capable of giving you 1GB wired or wireless speeds there is simply not enough fabric and the ones that do are cheating they are using a hack basically to cut through the firewall ...

CTF.ko I believe was the name of the hack I seen just some good examples we are basically sold lies that are propped up as something more than it is. Is it better YES it has gotten a lot better speed wise but we have sacrificed distance often to some degree as well it is hard to find an honest wireless seller out there for consumer based products the only thing that really has the fabric at least for wired is pro equipment from cisco and such wireless I don't think we will actually see a 3200MB connection any time soon! But it would be nice after all these years if these tech giants put aside the profit motive and actually spent some of their profits on R&D to give us what they really advertise.

While this may be an upsell at least it is useful and true to life data unless it is a spoof which I don't really care to test one way or the other. I am fine with how they work.

But I see your opinion and stance duly noted!