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By HermannSW
#78453 Today I used my Dremel to finish the wire for hardware side. It turned out the
payload.lock() duty value 50 was fine, but payload.drop() duty value needs to be 82.

I took a 180fps 640x480 Raspberry v2 camera video. The .h264 stream uploaded to youtube is played at 25fps, 7.2 times slower than real. It takes 29 frames or 161ms between executing payload.drop() and "O" cube starting to fall. ESP01s, SG37 servo, lipo, 3.3V step-down converter and cabling/soldering total weight is 16.0g sofar, The drop payload is missing, will be superglued to "O" cube:

I did convert the interesting part (seconds 9-11 of youtube video) to animated .gif, and selected to slow it down by factor 0.5. Therefore this animation plays 14.4 times slower than real:
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By HermannSW
#78479 Today I did a lot of payload flights with my three Eachine E52 drones.
It turned out that reliable flight was only possible with 99.7g, and lipo loaded >4V.
The drone on scale with drone weight reduction mod had 80.5g weight without the plastic box superglued on top. Therefore the payload was 19.2g.
Unfortunately total weight of servo payload drop mechanism is 16.0g, allowing for 3.2g of payload only.
I did a drop with 2.8g payload in order to see how that works.
Again I took 180fps slowmo, uploaded it to youtube (at 25fps)

and crated animated .gif with 0.5 slowdown. Therefore animation plays again 14.4 times slower than real:

Drones with backpacks:
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By McChubby007
#78481 I have been meaning to reply to this topic for some time now, and keep telling myself 'no!'. I'm sure some of you will consider me over-sensitive or just plain grumpy (I am!) but do you really think it is sensible to entitle a post with the word 'bomb' in it? Really?

Not only are you quite possibly pricking the ears of your local spooks, but any idiot with a half-idea to use a real aerial release bomb, be it small or not, may be encouraged by this post (and yes, I know that there's material all over the place, but that does not make it right).

I don't imagine for a moment that you are doing anything malicious nor intend to offend; I am a Londoner and ex-Army so I'm a bit sensitive. I am not looking for a load of reply-attitide on this matter from anyone as it is an emotive subject, I just wished to air my thoughts and give some advice.