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By soham
#91012 Hello,
I am working on a project that transmits sensor data to the server through ESP8266. But in that, I am not allowed to use Arduino. Can anyone guide me that how can i send data to any server?
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By Bonzo
#91027 What model of "ESP8266"?

"I am not allowed to use Arduino" Is that the Arduino code? If so you can use Lau, Micro python, and I believe also C directly.

There are probably other API's as well.
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By timer_smx
#91127 you can refer details here: http://sigmaprj.com/esp8266-http-client.html
it explains sample how to send HTTP REST request to any server.. the similar approach can be taken for any data transmitted
Also worth looking into this project:
It gives the sample how to transmit push-buttons state to server.