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By timer_smx
#94896 In this two-part video you can find brief details how to build ESP8266 highway traffic jams monitor.
This practical application will allow to have a constant indication of specific road conditions under selected streets.
Such approach will give a convenient way of looking into your favorite route constantly,
indicating the current state of traffic congestion.

Application is built with integration of Google Maps Directions API.
Which provides necessary time duration information under specific route.

In the first video part you will find practical details how to build and test sample LED Bar PCB
with ESP12-E\ESP12-F module. This LED Bar will be used for traffic congestion information indication.

The second part shows the main concepts of how to solder components on traffic jams monitor PCB, how to test the final assembly, and how to configure and build the ESP8266 highway jams monitor application itself.
Also explaining how to set different sensitivity levels on various road jams conditions.

ESP8266 LED Bar:

ESP8266 Highway Traffic Monitor Application:
https://github.com/sigma-prj/esp-highwa ... ic-monitor