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WiFiManager is a library made specifically for the ESP8266 family of modules, that makes getting all your devices on your network effortless.

Short version is that after you add the library, you copy paste about 5 lines of code that starts a configuration portal webserver and access point on your device in case it can’t connect to WiFi.


Once you add the library to your project, every time your device boots, it tries to connect to the last known/set settings. If that doesn t work, WiFiManager creates and access point, a http and dns server that you can connect to in order to set the connection details of your ESP8266 based device. This is very similar to how devices like Chromecast work.

Among the list of features, some of the more notable/useful are:
- minimum code to get started are library includes and 2 lines of code, this takes care of everything to get your module online
- portal that works on both desktops and mobiles
- captive portal that presents you with the configuration dialog as soon as you connect to the AP (device dependant)
- dns server that rewrites all dns requests to the ip of the ESP AP (like comercial open routers usually do)
- being able to password protect the configuration portal
- being able to specify a static IP configuration that the module will use once it connects successfully
- custom parameters that you can add, like an mqtt server, or a blynk token (with sane defaults as well)
- explicit documentation and a lot of usage examples

and more…

This is pretty much a utility library, but as far as feedback goes, one that makes getting deploying and moving ESP8266 based devices around a cinch.

In the works and future plans include WPS, Smart Config and look/style updates.


Arduino Code


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